Merch line fromCF "TYKHO"

We act with love in our hearts. So we have decided to make more love. That is how we have created a couple of lines of our own clothes and accessories!

The income from selling our merch we donate to CF "TYKHO" in order to complete the request from our soldiers as fast as possible!


Our line of T-shirts, stickers, car stickers, tote bags. Creating this line, we were inspired by the novel by Ivan Bagrianyi, called “Tyhrolovy”. Each T-shirt has embroidery, where those famous words are encoded.


“Because I Love It” - our second line. T-shirts and aprons, that have been made with their own philosophy. People all around the world cook, work, fight, live, and create because they love it!
We also took care of the special embroidery. This time we have encoded the word “Tykho”.

The Whale Line

Since the totem animal of our organization is a whale, we took it upon ourselves to make a whole new collection dedicated to this mammal. The whale is a symbol of quiet power and wisdom. It is an embodiment of the biggest ambitions and the greatest dreams.


In cooperation with our partners Wood Posters, we have launched 2 lines of posters. These are "The brave ones always have their happiness" and "The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the world". Part of the income will be donated to the "TYKHO" charitable foundation.

Not only we are creating our own merchandise, but also supporting the local craftsmen. Those people make art, toys, and accessories by themselves. Even your kids can join our so-called “Art Forces”. Not only they will fulfill their art potential, but also will help our Defenders!

"TYKHO" charitable foundation

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