Our Telegram bot is the most convenient platform, with the help of which you can find any information tht you may need about TYKHO and receive a present for a donation.

Specially for you, we have created a bonus system, where 1 UAH of your donation is equal to 1 bonus. These bonuses you can spend in our charitable store!


Usage Instruction

● Firstly choose the language - English or Ukrainian● Push any button you want from the menu



1. "Fundraising campaign" button

This button shows you the link you need to follow. That is exactly how you will get your bonuses.
● On the page you will need to enter the amount of money you want to donate, your name, address, email, and phone number.● Push "confirm the order" and you will see the Monobank page. Keep in mind, that you can use whatever card you want. We definitely inform you about the bank account on which your money will be sent.● Next button is "Pay". You will have to enter either your card credentials or choose the preferable way to pay (Apple Pay/Google Pay).

2. "Presents for donations" button

Here you can explore our charitable store with "TYKHO" own merch, which is up to buying! 1 UAH is equal to 1 bonus. In order to learn prices in bonuses check the "Store" page
Attention! Prices are shown in bonuses! If you want to buy our merch faster you should check the website page or our Instagram.

3. "TYKHO" button

 In this chapter you can learn nore about our foundation, our projects or even join us!

4. "Loyality program" button!

This button shows your bonuses you have collected. In order to see this you will have to share your phone number.

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