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During the time of war more than 1400 people were evacuated from Bucha, Azovstal, Mariupol,Hostomel, Irpin and Zaporizhzhia by charity fund "Tykho"


humanitarian aid

More than 150 tons of humanitarian aids were given to people in those cities,that were on the verge of humanitarian catastophe.


Help to the armed forces of ukraine

-More that 800 soldiers were provided with clothes-Over that 53 vehicles were sent to the Army-Once in 2 days we send all the necessities to the frontline positions of our soldiers


we need your help

our next goals

Here you can see, what we are fundraising for right now

for the armed forces of ukraine

procurement of electrotechnical equipment 

It is vital for the frontline positions to have enough of up-to-day equipment,so they could complete combat missions successfully. We are fundraising for such devices as walkie-talkies, headphones, uninterrupted power supply, flashlights, Wi-Fi bridges fittings, etc.

Goal - 1 693 373 UAH

humanitarian aid

procurement of provision for the frontline positions of the Ukrainian military

Providing our Army with the additional provision is such an important mission of our foundation. In the first place, soldier must be fed and only after that given orders.

Goal - 226 300 UAH

for the armed forces of ukraine

optical devices for The armed forces

Army periscopes: 100 it.Collimators: 89 it.Optical sights: 16 it.Thermal imagers: 32 it.Telemeters: 3 it.Night vision devices: 60 it.

Goal - 4 641 300 UAH.

вакарчук фонд тихо побачення аукціон
фонд тихо побачення аукціон


Join the "Date for Donation" auction!
Among the participants, as a lot, there is even Svyatoslav Vakarchuk ;)

To take a part, you need to go to our Instagram page and make a bet under the lot in the comments.
If you want to become a lot - write to us in d.m.
All proceeds will go to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
We are waiting for you!

the sixsters

The Sixsters — a band, that was formed in 2018 in the small town in Kyiv region. Five talented girls were only in age from 9 to 12. Since the very beginning, they were connected by their love to rock music. In 2019 and 2020 The Sixsters had more than 40 performances, including those, that were held at big festivals in Ukraine. In 2021 The Sixsters won a music contest, that was organized by the famous Ukrainian band "Antytila". They had a big stadium tour planned in May this year, but that never happened. Because of the invasive war against Ukraine, some of the girls were forced to run from their country, and others were hiding in bombshells. In June they finally met in Essen (Germany). Love for music and friendship helped The Sixsters reunite! Now their mission is to support Ukraine, especially to help Ukrainian children, who remained orphans, because of war. Girls do that with their own powers - rock music and songs/
The Sixsters - are great friends to our foundation, who have been helping us since the first days of the war. If you want to support "TYKHO" and the new Ukrainian rock music, we are inviting you to the concerts of The Sixsters!

Dates of concerts:
17.12.2022 Essen, Germany
07.01.2022 Wetzlar, Germany

project "dzherelo"

One of our missions is to help Kyiv rehabilitation center "Dzherelo". Unfortunately lots of children have lost their parent during russian-Ukrainian war. Now they are sitting in cold basements on the pieces of paper. We are aimed to change this! Your donation is a chance for this kids to deal with psychological consequences of war and have a better life.

by joining us

you can help people, that are in need right now

Everyone is able to change the situation

about us

Charity fund "tykho"

Charity fund "Tykho" has started its activity almost since the first day of war in Ukraine (25th of February). During this time we have provided more than 1500 internally relocated people with all the help needed. We have found clothes for over than 800 soldiers both in The Territorial Defense and The Armed Forces. Our foundation has sent to the frontline positions more than 7000 sets of humanitarian aid and more than 53 vehicles. We have already raised more than 17 million UAH of non-financial suppport.
Here are some other facts about us:

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    35,000,000+ UAH

    A total amount of raised financial help as for today

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    20+ Tons every month

    Monthly volume of humanitarian aid, that was given to the internally relocated people.

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    300-600 people per day

    Since the 25th of February our fund has organized evacuation, transportation and needed help for 300-600 people a day.

join us to do good things!

make your contribution to the victory of ukraine!

For the needs of the armed forces of ukraine

fundraising for the amunition

We have started another fundraising for the procurement of helmets, bulletproof vests, elbow pads,greaves, plate carriers, load bearing equipment, balaclavas, gloves, etc.

goal: 9 256 467 uah


more than 50 vehicles were bought and sent to the armed forces of ukraine

Unfortunately, automobiles are consumables for the frontline, which means there is no such thing as "too much of them". Since the first days of our activity we have been able to buy more than 50 vehicles for the different military tasks.


photo reports

Photos are categorized by the types of out activity. You can choose whichever you are interested in (for the mobile version swipe right).



Refugee evacuation

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be with us!

be a crucial drop in the ocean of big chages!

Contacts in case you would want to talk to the representatives of our foundation:

call us: +38 (096) 410 49 45

* We are in touch everyday from 10:00 to 18:00

we are fighting for the whole civilized world.make your invaluable contribution.

we are in touch!

get in touch with us, if you have any questions;)

We will provide you with both necessary information regarding our fund work and all of the official documentation.

You can call us, write an email, get in touch on social media, come to our office or volunteer center in Ladyzhyn

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Support also our friends from the fund "COME BACK ALIVE"

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